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Experienced Estate Law Team Serving South Texas

When seeking help with estate tax matters or related issues, the most important thing to look for in your lawyer is experience. You need a lawyer who understands the various nuances of handling complex estates, with practical experience.

How I Apply My Professional And Personal Experience

My name is Matthew J. King, native South Texas attorney and founderĀ· of King Estate Law, PLLC. From protecting invest’ments to limiting tax liability, the heart of everything our legal team does is to secure and protect your estate.

My passion for estate planning stems from my personal encounter with administering my father’s estate when he did not have an estate plan in place. I understand the pressure that this process can put on a family. It is my goal to protect others from going through the same challenges by creating smart and thorough estate plans.

My wife, Rebecca King, and I own a ranch in West Texas. This gives us personal knowledge and experience in handling the complex financial aspects of large property ownership. Additionally, as business owners, we have hands-on experience forming a business, navigating taxes and contracts.

When securing your financial futureL building a business or creating a comprehensive estate plan, it is important to work with a legal team that can understand the complexities you are facing. At King Estate Law, PLLC, we provide sound counsel and legal guidance through the process.


Meet The Team

A Personalized Approach For Complex Assets

We take on a select amount of cases so our legal team can take a truly personalized approach. As a new client, you will meet with your lawyer individually. I will take the time to listen to you, look over your financial documents and obtain a thorough understanding of your goals and challenges.

Along with our legal team, I will take that knowledge and use my experience to help you create the best strategy possible to achieve your goals and establish a secure future.


Do Not Try To Handle Your Future Financial Planning Alone

There is too much at stake to handle your estate planning alone. Make sure you work with a lawyer you trust. Call me at 210-319-8746 or email our legal team to schedule a consultation.