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After A Loved One Passes Away

There are so many things for people to deal with after losing someone they love. In addition to dealing with your personal mourning, planning the funeral and caring for your family, you will have to manage the estate plan and all the financial matters involved with the debts and assets left behind. Although the money is relatively insignificant next to the loss of the one you love, it is still important. Failure to deal with the administration of the estate could be financially disastrous for you and your family.

Give me a call. I am Matthew J. King, an estate lawyer serving clients throughout South Texas. I have a wealth of experience with the intersection of law and finances. My wife and I own a ranch of our own, so I understand the financial and tax-related aspects of transferring land and business interests. I have unique knowledge and experience in the tax issues and legal issues involved in the administration of an estate. As an experienced attorney, I know how to protect your rights through the legal process of passing on debts and assets in probate. With offices in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin and Houston, King Estate Law, serves clients throughout South Texas. 

After a loved one passes away, the financial considerations are not the most important thing. But they are important.
We can help.

Helping Clients Through The Legal Process

After someone passes away, their assets and debts pass on to others. The legal process by which this happens is called estate administration, or probate. Early in the process, an administrator is assigned (either named in the will or other estate planning instrument or chosen by the court), and that person is responsible for carrying out all the steps of transferring the assets to the appropriate beneficiaries.

This is a complex legal process with many nuanced regulations. A lot can go wrong during it. At King Estate Law, I represent estate administrators and potential beneficiaries. I can help protect your rights through the process to make sure everything goes smoothly and fairly. If conflicts and disputes arise, I also offer litigation services in estate administration.

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