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You worked hard to get here. It is time for you to consider how to shield your interests from risk and develop plans for succession. As your estate or business grows, you may find yourself facing complex and sometimes confusing laws surrounding taxes, trusts, probate or litigation. My name is Matthew King, and I am an estate law and business law attorney. My legal team and I use our full extent of knowledge and hands-on experience to ensure that you are protected and prepared for the future.

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Offering personalized estate law service across South Texas from our offices in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Houston and Austin.

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Custom Plans To Defend And Foster Your Kingdom

A great estate plan encompasses short and long-term goals. I use my legal expertise to help you make smart fiscal decisions to keep what you own and grow what you have. Tmsts are a complex and important part of creating a forward-thinking estate plan. With the right combination of trusts and other estate planning tools, you can establish a future for your heirs.

Your estate or business is vulnerable to taxes and disputes. King Estate Law, is a boutique law film, so you will work directly with me to create a personalized plan to minimize your tax and litigation liability. As a business owner, I know how to help you start your business, fonn a limited liability company (LLC) or create contracts.

Meet Matthew J. King: Estate law
attorney and financial adviser

With my background as a financial adviser, I have hands-on experience helping people retain and grow properties. I partner with my clients and other financial advisers to create smart fiscal plans to eliminate financial risk. I personally understand the pressure that probate can place on a family without a plan. It is my goal to not only shield my clients’ properties but protect their families with comprehensive estate plans, as well.

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Whether you are facing an estate tax challenge or probate litigation, or if you simply need to start building your estate plan, I am prepared to help you. Contact our South Texas offices by calling 210-319-8746 or send us a message online to arrange a one-on-one appointment.

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