Do You Have An Estate Tax Problem?2

Solutions To Estate Tax Problems

Any American adult knows that there is no escape from taxes. Any type of significant gift, transaction or inheritance will have some kind of tax penalty riding in its wake. While this might not matter that much for smaller estates and transactions, with major gifts of land, property and monetary gifting, the tax penalties involved can be severe. Protect your interests by working with an experienced lawyer who understands the complexities of financial planning and intelligent tax strategies.

My name is Matthew J. King. At [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], I provide smart gifting and tax strategies for clients throughout South Texas. As a former financial planner, a ranch owner and an experienced attorney, I am well-versed in tax property rules and how to minimize tax penalties in all types of transfers. With offices in San Antonio and Corpus Christi and satellite offices in Austin and Houston, [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], has become a trusted name in tax and financial planning throughout South Texas.

Avoid Tax Problems In Estate Planning And Probate

The best way to handle significant, unplanned tax problems is preemptively. By working with an attorney throughout all your significant transactions, you will avoid major surprises like this. However, if you have been hit with tax implications for which you did not plan, I can help.

As a former tax planner and experienced attorney, I help clients such as:

  • Investors facing tax problems with stocks, bonds and other investment transactions
  • Landowners facing serious tax problems on their land
  • Individuals creating complex estate plans looking to minimize gift taxing
  • Beneficiaries of major land grants or other valuable properties

Our legal team stands prepared to help you.

Protect The Family Land

Many of our clients are beneficiaries and members of families of large landholdings. The head of the family dies and leaves the land to the children, but if there was poor planning beforehand, the transfer could result in tax burdens on the land. If there was no estate plan in place, if it was planned poorly or if tax obligations are in arrears, the remaining family members could face serious complications. Often, families are in the unfortunate situation of considering selling off the land just to get out from under the tax burden.

I help clients with planning the initial transfer to avoid unnecessary tax burdens, and I help beneficiaries find solutions and save their land.

Talk With An Attorney

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