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A proper estate plan is an essential tool for protecting your wealth in retirement and passing on your wealth. Without it, you could lose a significant portion of what you built to taxes, lawsuits and other legal risks. When preparing your estate plan and taking care of your future, the most important decision you can make is working with the right lawyer. You need a legal team that will keep your unique situation and goals in mind and will create a personalized estate plan that will work for you.

I am Matthew J. King, estate planning attorney and founder of King Estate Law, PLLC, in South Texas. Our legal team has offices in San Antonio and Corpus Christi, and satellite offices in Austin and Houston. I provide a range of estate planning and legal services. There is no “one­size-fits-all” approach to estate planning. Our legal team takes a personalized approach, serving each client individual’ly to create a tailored estate plan for each client’s unique goals and financial resources.


 Comprehensive Plans For Complex Estates Are Our Forte

While I can help with any estate planning needs, I often work with clients who have complex assets such as various retirement accounts, land involving oil or gas, ranches, stocks, bonds, commercial real estate and more. As an experienced estate planning lawyer, I can assist you with:

  • Passing off your wealth: I can help you create a will and various trust documents to help you retain control over the passing on of your wealth. I take varied properties and real estate into special consideration.
  • Handling your medical care and end of life needs: With various living wills and powers of attorney, we can establish agents to handle your wealth and medical care decisions later in life if you should become unable to make these decisions yourself, and we can make sure your wishes are clearly communicated.
  • Planning for your retirement years: Another important part of estate planning is to make sure you have a long-term plan for retirement and for passing on your business interests.
  • Handling tax limitations: One key area of estate planning is to make sure you avoid unnecessary tax penalties and costs. I can help you transfer your wealth efficiently.
  • Establishing guardianships for loved ones: If someone you care for has reached a point in his/her life where they require a guardianship, I can help.
  • Shielding yourself from estate litigation: I can offer strategies for preventing litigation over your estate or protecting your interests against a current dispute.

Whatever your estate planning needs, our legal team can help.

While many lawyers understand the legal considerations of estate planning, few have the type of knowledge and experience in the financial side to provide the kind of advice and counsel I can. I will help you understand your rights and options so you can establish an estate plan that will work for you.

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As a business owner and ranch owner, I personally understand the challenges you face when creating a comprehensive estate plan. From tax liability to inheritance, it is important to comprehend the big picture. Call 210-319-8746 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with me.